The Untold
Toll Report

7)The Untold Toll Report


The emotional state of founders and entrepreneurs in any period – but especially now, in this economic environment – is a critical driver of success. Yet the toll that founding and leading a start-up takes, is dangerously overlooked and rarely spoken about. By turning the looking-glass inwards of the complex emotional workings of the entrepreneurs themselves, we hope to provide them with the insights necessary to create healthier realities, financially and emotionally. As the two are, in fact, inseparable outcomes.

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The startup grind takes a major toll on founder mental health

72% Of founders

Report an impact on their mental health

Founders suffer from one or more of the following

  • 44% High stress
  • 37% Anxiety
  • 36% Burnout
  • 13% Depression
  • 10% Panic attacks

Hard has become even harder in today's uncertain markets

  • 54% Of founders are very stressed about the future of their startup

The stress

It's exhausting to always be selling: Founders mask their stress and it catches up to them in the end

81% Of founders

Are not really open about their stress, fears and challenges


Who do founders turn to for support? Family provides a warm shoulder to lean on, but venture needs some serious self-reflection

  • 76% Spouse or family
  • 49% Cofounders
  • 10% Investors

Going to a psychologist

Founders are known for their innovative spirit, but in terms of therapy they are stuck in the past. 77% of founders don't get professional help

The entrepreneurial journey involves long hours, intense stress and endless ups and downs. Therapy is a great resource for founders, helping them identify their core sources of stress and develop efficient tools for dealing with them. Despite the importance of seeking help, many founders do not access professional support, with some concerned about the stigma surrounding mental health and others too busy and overwhelmed to prioritize their own well-being.

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