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Get a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the world of tech CFOs, as they struggle to navigate today’s turbulent market dynamics. Our data highlights their sentiments, strategies and shifting priorities, providing tech finance professionals and management teams with the visibility necessary to make smarter, data-backed decisions.

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Biggest challenge

Reaching sales targets is by far the biggest challenge for finance professionals today

  • 63% Reaching sales targets
  • 46% Running out of funds
  • 40% Fundraising
  • 37% Economic downturn
  • 8% Inflation

Down round predictions

The majority of finance professionals fear a down round is coming, although most have escaped it until now

  • 10% Report they completed a down round in the past 12 months
  • 47% Report it's more likely than not that their next round will be a down round

Team growth

The hiring slowdown will continue, as the majority of firms won’t actively grow their teams

  • 21% Actively hiring
  • 23% Downsizing
  • 30% Backfills

Marketing Cuts

Marketing cuts are expected in next 6 months, making it more difficult to reach sales targets

42% Expect Marketing cuts due to recession concerns

Stricter terms

More aggressive covenants are coming back into the picture

Executives at tech companies and startups are open to increasingly aggressive covenants from investors, terms that were practically unseen just a year or two ago. Power is shifting away from founders to investors and lenders, enabling them to dictate stricter terms in order to protect their interests in today’s unstable market economic environment.

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