The Early Stage
Playbook Report

3) The Early Stage Playbook: Funding terms, talent and expansion


To shed light on the changing market conditions, we collected data from hundreds of startups in early 2021. The data points offer a unique glimpse into how early stage startups are growing in these challenging times. Specifically how they are growing their talent pool, increasing funds raised and expanding globally.

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Digital Pitch

The digital pitch is here to stay, improving accessibility to capital and accelerating the funding process

41% Of founders

reported closing a round without any face-to-face meetings

Faster than ever

The era of hyperspeed: Today rounds are closing faster than pre-covid

% of startups that closed a round in under 4 months

  • 59% Today
  • 36% Pre-covid

The Valuation cap

In today’s uncertain market dynamics, fundraising via convertible note has become increasingly popular among startups. What valuation cap is typically included?

  • 42% Pre-money
  • 45% Post-money
  • 13% No cap


Startups increasingly tapping into on-demand talent

37% Of startups

Increased reliance on freelancers in the past 6 months

Moving offshore

Tapping into offshore talent: 40% of startups have an offshore team or are considering opening one.

The past couple of years have been marked by a rapid rise in salaries of local tech talent. As the pay begins to rival that of SF, startups trying to optimize their bottom line are struggling to hire talented technologists. Many are turning to offshore development, hiring developers in the Ukraine or India, where they can tap into top talent while still optimizing expenses. However, the trend brings with it many challenges and questions, mainly, how to retain innovation capabilities while moving development overseas.

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