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  • Dr. Sabine Dembkowski

    Building from the Bottom Up: A New Take on Developing and Managing Your Board

    Managing Partner Better Boards

    • Interview
    • Board Strategy

    Building from the Bottom Up: A New Take on Developing and Managing Your Board

    As the Managing Partner at Better Boards, Dr. Sabine Dembkowski has worked with hundreds of boards. Join us as she shares some of her top tips and best insights for managing directors.

  • Ilya Venger

    Go all in or warm up on the sidelines? How business leaders should decide on LLM investment

    Industry AI at Microsoft

    • Opinion
    • AI & New Tech

    Go all in or warm up on the sidelines? How business leaders should decide on LLM investment

    When deciding how much to invest in LLMs today, business leaders must take into account both sides of the coin. This article highlights the main points to take into consideration.

  • Nimrod Vromen

    Be Like Microsoft: Tools for Making the Right Decisions for Your Startup

    Founder and CEO Consiglieri

    • Video
    • Scaling

    Be Like Microsoft: Tools for Making the Right Decisions for Your Startup

    Your startup can follow a company timeline like Microsoft – if you make the right decisions. Nimrod Vromen, CEO of founder advisory firm Consiglieri, explains how.

Experts #32

  • Tzahi Weisfeld


    Tzahi Weisfeld (VP & GM Intel Ignite: Intel for Startups)

    Tzahi is an accelerator expert, launching global startup programs for tech giants, such as Microsoft and Intel.

  • Dr. Yuval Engel


    Dr. Yuval Engel (Professor at University of Amsterdam)

    Dr. Engel researches the effect of meditation on entrepreneurs and their ventures.

  • Michael Freeman M.D.


    Michael Freeman M.D. (Founder Psychologist & Psychiatrist)

    Dr. Freeman is a psychiatrist with groundbreaking research on the entrepreneurial mind.

  • Micha Kaufman


    Micha Kaufman (CEO Fiverr)

    Micha is the founder and CEO of Fiverr, the world's largest marketplace for digital services.

  • Stephen Stynes


    Stephen Stynes (Founder and Scale-Up Team Coach)

    Stephen is an executive coach with 30+ years experience working with entrepreneurs and senior executives.

  • Brett Greene


    Brett Greene (ADHD Coach for Entrepreneurs)

    Brett helps leaders with ADHD improve their mental health while increasing their success.

  • Shiran Mlamdovsky Somech

    AI & New Tech

    Shiran Mlamdovsky Somech (Founder Generative AI for Good )

    Shiran is an entrepreneur specializing in GenAI within the realms of social impact.

  • Dr. Paul L. Hokemeyer


    Dr. Paul L. Hokemeyer (Marriage and Family Therapist )

    Dr. Hokemeyer is a psychotherapist specializing in the intersection of wealth and mental health.

  • Nimrod Vromen


    Nimrod Vromen (Founder and CEO Consiglieri)

    Nimrod is a tech lawyer and advisor, guiding startups from inception to exit.

  • Dr. Neetu Johnson M.D.


    Dr. Neetu Johnson M.D. (Cofounder Prescribe Life)

    Dr. Johnson is cofounder of Prescribe Life, a platform that uses medicine and tech to enhance founder mental health.

  • Mannie Gil


    Mannie Gil (Co-founder Renovata & Company)

    Mannie has 20+ years experience in board and C-level talent searches, providing high-impact recruiting.

  • Dr. Malte Krohn


    Dr. Malte Krohn (Author "The Mindful Startup" )

    Dr. Krohn, founder of mindfulstartup school, helps organizations navigate change effectively.

  • Kevin Baxpehler

    AI & New Tech

    Kevin Baxpehler (Founder Remagine Ventures)

    Kevin is the founder of Remagine Ventures, an early-stage VC focused on next gen B2C & entertainment tech.

  • Jiyun Hyo

    AI & New Tech

    Jiyun Hyo (Co-Founder and CEO at VizualMind)

    Jiyun is an entrepreneur, AI researcher and investor. He the founder of the Robotics Lab at Duke University.

  • Adam Hanft


    Adam Hanft (Brand Strategist )

    Adam is a globally-recognized brand strategist, board advisor and investor for leading tech firms

  • Ilya Venger

    AI & New Tech

    Ilya Venger (Industry AI at Microsoft)

    Ilya focuses on delivering GenAI platform solutions to Microsoft's customers and partners.

  • Erik Severinghaus

    AI & New Tech

    Erik Severinghaus (Co-founder Bloomfilter)

    Erik is a serial innovator and author of "Scale Your Everest," a leading book on entrepreneurial resilience.

  • Daniel Ritter


    Daniel Ritter (Partner, Holland & Knight LLP)

    Daniel has spent 25+ years on Capitol Hill. He runs the largest emerging tech lobbying team in Washington DC.

  • Elliot Leavy

    AI & New Tech

    Elliot Leavy (Founder ACQUAINTED)

    Elliot founded Europe’s first GenAI consultancy, helping companies leverage AI to gain a competitive edge.

  • Dr. Sabine Dembkowski

    Board Strategy

    Dr. Sabine Dembkowski (Managing Partner Better Boards)

    Dr. Dembkowski is a trusted board advisor, whose research on boards has been published internationally.

  • Sharonna Karni Cohen

    AI & New Tech

    Sharonna Karni Cohen (CEO Dreame)

    Sharonna is an entrepreneur focused on the intersection of art and technology.

  • Dr. Alex Auerbach


    Dr. Alex Auerbach (Performance psychologist)

    Dr. Auerbach is a performance psychologist who works with NBA players, Olympians and tech founders.

  • Ori Schnitzer


    Ori Schnitzer (Zell Entrepreneurship Program)

    Ori is a founder, executive, and advisor. He helps emerging and growth-stage startups get to market.

  • Liat Aaronson


    Liat Aaronson (Co-Founder, Managing Director at HLV)

    Liat is a dynamic force in the tech ecosystem, with experience founding, investing and accelerating ventures.

  • Dr. Sherry Walling


    Dr. Sherry Walling (Founder of ZenFounder)

    Dr. Walling is a psychologist and best-selling author, providing mental wellness resources to leaders.

  • Sabrina Wang


    Sabrina Wang (Founder of Evergrowth Coaching)

    Sabrina coaches extraordinary leaders of Series A to Unicorn companies.

  • Gal Bechor


    Gal Bechor (Founder & CEO of Stack)

    Gal Bechor is the founder of Stack, on a mission to enable anyone to make a living doing what they love.

  • Dr. Noam Wasserman


    Dr. Noam Wasserman (Author "The Founder's Dilemmas" )

    Dr. Wasserman's research focuses on founders’ early decisions that can make or break the startup and its team.

  • Paul Stimers

    AI & New Tech

    Paul Stimers (Partner at Holland & Knight)

    Paul advises tech leaders in pursuing legislation and representing their interests before Congress.

  • Adriana Cerundolo


    Adriana Cerundolo (Founder Bloomtree Wellness)

    Adriana helps founders and teams build resilience, trust, and confidence through group experiences

  • Monika Holod


    Monika Holod (Founder OMA Mind)

    Monika is the Founder of OMA Mind, a platform for therapy made for founders to achieve greatness.

  • Lisa Mikkelsen


    Lisa Mikkelsen (Human Capital Flourish Ventures)

    Lisa leads the Human Capital efforts for Flourish Ventures, ensuring founders are "flourishing".

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