The data

We use data-driven insights to make investment and business decisions every day. But when it comes to data about the process of building a startup itself, there’s a lot of conversation, anecdotes, rumor and gossip. But not a lot of facts. That’s where we come in.

We collect, analyze and share data about the start-up community and the entrepreneurs who drive it.

We gather data directly from our community of founders and VCs

  • 200+ Experts shared their tips,
    insights & best practices
  • 5K+ Founders and investors
    shared their data
  • 25K+ Statistics, metrics and
    benchmarks collected
  • 500+ Partners joined
    our initiative

Our data covers the broadest range possible - from funding and valuation, to GenAI and stress

The situation is dynamic and kinetic, and so is our info-harvesting. Our crop continues to yield.

With this underlying data as our collective foundation, we will also have leading experts interpret our findings, bringing their own insights, perspectives, and provocative frameworks to our audience.

Data inspires provocative thinking, considered speculation, courageous conclusions. A solid hold on the moment. But never in a vacuum. We provide content and context.

You take it from there.

A letter from our founder

Yael Benjamin (CEO & Strategic Marketing)

We are all at risk of listening to the last voice in our ear. The last gust of rumor or hearsay or partial information. All of which can mislead, trigger impulsive and imprudent decisions, confuse the crap out of you, and set back the mission. That’s the massive and profound irony. You work too hard to rely on guesswork. Startups are built on data, but there’s an absence of data about the startup community itself. That’s where we come in.

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